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The 7 Best Unique Chattanooga Wedding Venues

The 7 Best Unique Chattanooga Wedding Venues

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Planning a wedding is a fun journey, and choosing the perfect venue sets the stage for an unforgettable celebration. Chattanooga, has many unique and stunning locations for couples seeking a distinctive setting for their special day. Here, we unveil the seven best and most unique Chattanooga wedding venues that promise to make your wedding dreams come true.

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1. Candies Creek Farm

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Candies Creek Farm is one of the most gorgeous barns in Tennessee’s rolling hills. The traditional white and black exterior has an undeniable charm that can be tailored to any style or function. Making it a no-brainer as one of the top Chattagnooga wedding locations.

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The wedding site is located on top of a hill and offers a panoramic view of the surrounding countryside and the water. We also have an adjacent 2,160 sq ft open air chapel and a lighted outdoor patio with a gorgeous oak tree and a stunning piled stone fireplace overlooking our pond and water feature, in addition to the 3,500 sq ft climate controlled barn.

The most difficult decision will be picking where you want to have your wedding on this magnificent property. All rentals include tables and white chiavari chairs for up to 200 people.

2. Cedar Hills Farm

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Cedar Hills Farm, which spans 20 acres and is close to a horse farm, provides a gorgeous environment with rolling hills and breathtaking sunsets. The lovely barn lies atop a grand hill, making it an ideal site for diverse gatherings.

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The tranquil setting allows for personalization of your big day, catering to romantic, traditional, boho, or vintage styles. The outdoor ceremony site and 3500 square foot barn ooze simplicity while serving as a blank canvas for customized embellishments.

Cedar Hills Farm is a versatile and charming choice for year-round events, accommodating up to 180 guests for a dinner reception and 200 for a cocktail reception. Is deserving of being on the top Chattanooga wedding venues list.

3. Hidden Springs Venue

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Hidden Springs Venue, located in Apison, Tennessee, provides an attractive setting for weddings and celebrations. This rustic-modern barn is encircled by a forest and offers a panoramic setting for vows, as well as a lakeside view and a selection of accommodations for a wonderful day.

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The site, which was once a youth camp, was renovated in 2019 by owners Tom and Julie Willumson while retaining its down-home character.

The barn, which has exposed wood beams and doors that open into a 9-acre lake, can seat up to 200 guests. Gravel walkways lead to the site, and cottages, which can accommodate up to 44 guests, provide modern facilities in a rural setting.

4. Ocoee Crest

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See the appeal of Ocoee Crest, a stunning East Tennessee event site that can accommodate up to 300 guests in both indoor and outdoor settings. The venue, which sits on 56 acres, has a huge indoor event space, an outdoor ceremony location with a wedding arbor, and an amphitheater.

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The sweeping views of distant mountains and the Ocoee River provide an absolutely beautiful setting.

Ocoee Crest, perched atop a ridge, offers panoramic views of the river and the gorgeous mountains rising above it. The views alone are why it made it to the top 7 Chattanooga wedding venues list. The site offers an attractive setting for your wedding day and is conveniently located 45 minutes northeast of Chattanooga and 85 minutes south of Knoxville.

5. Tennessee RiverPlace

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Tennessee RiverPlace, a 130-acre working farm, offers an unparalleled venue with half a mile of Tennessee River frontage at the Tennessee River Gorge mouth. Central to the farm is a 10,000 sq ft European-style villa, featuring extensive porch, patio, and lawn spaces that set it apart.

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The villa’s 4,000 sq ft patio and a 3,200 sq ft tent space cater to outdoor receptions and inclement weather. Unique flexibility defines their approach, allowing you to choose vendors and personalize your event.

Accommodating up to 600 guests sets this one apart from other Chattanooga wedding venues on the list. This venue provides a scenic setting, adaptable facilities, and overnight stay options, ensuring a distinctive and memorable wedding experience.

6. The Barn At Drewia Hill

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Rooted in a century-old legacy, their Chattanooga venue stands as a cherished favorite for weddings, offering a spacious open-sky ambiance and a deep connection with nature.

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Built with love by their great-grandfather, the venue boasts an enchanting atmosphere and a well-earned reputation for hospitality. Beyond being a barn venue, they simplify the wedding planning process, creating a streamlined and exciting experience.

Their focus is on providing a warm atmosphere that makes love feel limitless, offering wonderful memories for years to come. With a capacity for 150 guests, their legacy lives on, creating sentimental connections with couples and making their venue a timeless choice.

7. Mountain Heights Venue

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Mountain Heights Venue, a 24-acre gem in Soddy Daisy near Chattanooga, blends rustic charm with modern elegance. Near the Appalachian Mountains’ foothills, it provides an idyllic backdrop for tranquil celebrations.

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The venue offers a stylish dressing suite, ideal for wedding preparations. Choose between indoor or outdoor ceremonies; the outdoor option features a pond, wooden pergola, and mountainous surroundings.

The fully enclosed 5,500 sq ft barn, with high ceilings, a stone fireplace, and chic decor, caters to indoor celebrations. After tying the knot, the space transforms for banquet receptions. The evening can extend to the patio, under the starlit sky, before retiring to on-site accommodations.

Chattanooga Wedding Venues

Choosing the right wedding venue is a pivotal decision in creating a memorable celebration. Each of these Chattanooga wedding venues brings its own unique charm, promising couples an unforgettable backdrop for their special day.

Whether you envision an intimate affair surrounded by nature or a grand celebration with panoramic views, Chattanooga has the perfect venue to bring your wedding dreams to life.

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