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“Let’s explore the best party rental ideas that are a must-have! Wheather you’re planning a birthday bash or a corporate gathering here are our top rentals to elevate…

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About Us

Greetings! We are Taylor and Taylor, the founders of “My Big Letters,” a marquee letters party rental company located in Tennessee. Our distinctiveness lies in providing 7-foot-tall letters that radiate brilliance.

Whether it’s a birthday celebration or a picture-perfect moment, our marquee lights make an unparalleled statement. Adding a touch of splendor to any setting, they are the perfect choice for leaving a lasting impression.

Common Blog Questions:

Our focus isn’t on monetization; hence, you won’t encounter intrusive ads or pop-ups. We’re dedicated to sharing genuine perspectives and showcasing talented individuals, such as small businesses like ours.

Honestly, no. If you asked our younger selves, we wouldn’t have predicted that we’d be running a blog for enjoyment. Apparently, our screenplay writing hobby developed into a big obsession. We can’t stop thinking about new topics to write about. If you didn’t know, we worked in the entertainment industry for a decade, both in front of and behind the camera.

During the COVID era, however, we took a hiatus, devoting all of our energy to our party rental company, which is now our full-time endeavor. Our primary focus, aside from writing and work, is on serving God and our community.

The desire to share our experiences, insights, and the journey of “My Big Letters” motivated us to start a blog. It’s a platform where we can connect with others, offer valuable information, and document our entrepreneurial adventure.

We don’t adhere to a specific style. We just enjoy narrating stories within the party rental industry context. Our writing often revolves around snippets of life, festivals, thoughts, moods, or whatever is currently unfolding in my life.

Since it’s a hobby and not for financial gain, it usually starts with a simple thought. The content is drawn from previous experiences with party rental companies that catch my attention. Thankfully, we find it relatively easy to generate ideas, given the constant emergence of new party rental vendors.

Taylor (boy), is from Tennessee, born and raised, while Taylor (girl) was born in California. Our paths crossed in an acting class where we instantly connected, leading to our marriage in 2021.

You can locate our marquee party rental company, “My Big Letters,” at 4000 Tullahoma Hwy, Winchester, TN 37398. Please note that we operate exclusively online, so refrain from showing up in person. Get your free quote here.

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