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7 Party Rentals Near Me To Unlock Nashville’s Best!

7 Party Rentals Near Me To Unlock Nashville’s Best!

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     So, you’re planning a celebration and in need of some cool party rentals near me in Middle Tennessee. Well, we’ve got you covered, it’s your turn to host an epic shindig and stand out from the crowd. Fear not, because we’re here to elevate your event to legendary status. From bouncy houses to towering marquee letters, the options are endless in Nashville’s booming party rental industry. Join us as we unlock the best party rentals near me in Nashville and discover how to make your next event unforgettable.

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1. Grand Central Party Rentals

-Overview: Grand Central Party Rentals is a renowned party rental establishment based in Nashville, celebrated for their outstanding service and extensive array of offerings. Since 1999, they have been serving parties and events of all scales with a solid industry reputation.

-Rentals Offered: Grand Central Party Rentals offers a wide range of rentals, including party tents, chairs, tables, linens, fine china, flatware, glassware, catering equipment, bars, beverage services, dance floors, furniture, drapes, and themed decorations. Whether it’s a wedding, birthday bash, or corporate gathering, they provide options tailored to your requirements.

-Quality of Rentals: Their rentals are of superior quality. From sturdy and well-maintained party tents to pristine linens and tables, they ensure durability and elegance for your outdoor affair. Their themed decorations are vibrant and meticulously crafted, adding enchantment to any celebration.

-Value for Your Money: A standout feature of Grand Central Party Rentals is their exceptional customer service. They prioritize meeting clients’ needs and readily accommodate special requests. With delivery and setup services available, they streamline the party planning process, making it hassle-free and seamless. Follow these party rentals near me on: Instagram

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2. The Aero Bar

Overview: Since its inception in 2017, The Aero Bar has been revolutionizing Nashville’s event scene with its sophisticated cocktail offerings. Whether it’s a wedding or a local get-together, owner Brian Fuente and his dedicated team have you covered.

Rentals Offered: The Aero Bar provides a range of services including mobile bartending, coffee, and espresso services, along with bar rentals.

Quality of Rentals: The Aero Bar sets a high standard with its exceptional rentals. Their coffee is outstanding, and their bars, spanning from vintage to modern designs, add an elegant flair to any occasion. The skilled bartenders they employ provide endless entertainment and leave guests captivated. These unique offerings truly enhance the party experience.

Value for Your Money: With a staff of over 85 bartenders and baristas, The Aero Bar can accommodate events of any size. Moreover, they proudly opened their own brick-and-mortar location in 2022, marking a significant milestone in their journey. Cheers to that! Follow these party rentals near me on: Facebook or Instagram

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3. My Big Letters

Overview: My Big Letters are a relatively new player in the party rental industry in Middle Tennessee, they have quickly gained attention for amazing quality and excellent service. With a fresh perspective and innovative approach, they aim to provide memorable experiences for their clients.

Rentals Offered: My Big Letters offers the only 7 foot tall marquee letters, numbers, and symbols in Tennessee or the east coast for that matter. That can be customized with colored light bulbs or decor such as balloons and floral garlands, designed to create Instagram-worthy moments.

Quality of Rentals: When it comes to marquees, My Big Letters outshines the competition with deluxe craftsmanship. The huge marquee letters are made with high-quality materials that add a stylish elegant touch to any event. Creating images at any event that will stand out. Their commitment to quality is evident in every aspect of their offerings.

Value for Your Money: These letters enhance the whole vibe with quality and uniqueness making them worth the investment. Being the only one in the east coast that offers this height, the attention to detail and the WOW factor of the rental justifies the cost, making it a great value for money option. Follow these party rentals near me on: Facebook or Instagram

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4. DWK Event Co.

Overview: At a baby shower, with a bottle of champagne in their hand, the idea for DWK Event Collective was born. With a talent for decor and design, these three hardworking women discovered their true passion in event planning and the joy that comes with it: creating memorable experiences. They clicked instantly and now, with years of experience, they get how crucial it is to keep event stress in check.

Rentals Offered: From event planning to custom signage, backdrops, chairs, and top-tier balloon decor, they cater to all event needs.

Quality of Rentals: DWK Event Co. is where you’ll find the latest trends and a top-notch team all rolled into one. They’re your go-to for event planning and party rentals. 

Value for Your Money: DWK Event Collective, prioritize their clients and their events. Not only will your wallet thank you but the experience will be a lasting memory for your guest. Their team is devoted to making your event a stress-free success, and will go above and beyond to ensure that every detail is taken care of. Follow these party rentals near me on: Facebook or Instagram

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5. DJ Rideout

Overview: DJ Rideout offers professional DJ and Hosting services, along with Sound, Lighting, Photo Booths, Special Effects, and various entertainment options in Nashville, TN, and nearby areas. Specializing in upscale parties, corporate functions, weddings, receptions, and more, their services stand out with app-based planning, interactive pricing, customizable packages, and exclusive discounts for referrals. 

Rentals Offered: They offer DJ services, photo booths, lighting, sound equipment, wedding planning assistance, and special effects such as cold sparklers, wireless LED pin spotting, dry ice fog machines, projectors, bubble machines, confetti cannons, CO2 cannons, fog geysers, and much more!

Quality of Rentals: From phenomenal photo booths to mesmerizing lighting options, turn event visions into reality with top-notch rentals.

Value for Your Money: As mentioned you can’t compromise when it comes to your special events and DJ Rideout is one of those special gems here in Tennessee. Follow these party rentals near me on: Facebook or Instagram

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6. Nashville Event Lighting

Overview: Nashville Event Lighting company, specializes in illuminating events with over 80 years of combined experience. Founded by Blake Chaffin in 2006, trust them to make events shine.

Rentals Offered: They have basic lighting packages that include uplighting, pinspots, string lights, gobos and chandeliers, we also offer custom designed events from the ground up, including but limited to expansive string light and twinkle light designs, specialty rigging for larger chandeliers and other hanging elements such as a floral grid over the dance floor and so much more. 

Quality of Rentals: Experience their incredible work firsthand through their online inventory and pictures, showcasing unparalleled quality.

Value for Your Money: With Nashville Event Lighting, receive exceptional service and a genuine partnership that ensures events shine brighter than ever. Follow these party rentals near me on: Facebook or Instagram

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7. Golden Gals Mobile Tanning

Overview: The Golden Gals, are a team of women who are committed to uplifting their clients by bringing the pampering + golden glow directly to them, ensuring a personalized spray tan in the comfort of your own home.

Rentals Offered: Mobile Tanning. 

Quality of Rentals: They deliver a luxurious + flawless tan that leaves their clients looking and feeling their absolute best!

Value for Your Money: Golden Gals Mobile Tanning will make your wedding glow dreams come true. The tan will NOT rub off on your dress & will NEVER be orange! Their solution is vegan and paraben free and we customize each bride (or bridesmaids) shape based on their skin tone & what color they’re trying to achieve. Follow these party rentals near me on: Instagram

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These Party Rentals Near Me…

     offer unique rentals and services that cater to different party preferences.  Ultimately, the final choice should be based on individual needs and preferences. We encourage readers to explore these options and make the best choice to create unforgettable events.

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