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Light Up Letters: Which size is best for you?

Light Up Letters: Which size is best for you?

Published: April

When it comes to adding a touch of wow and excitement to your events or special occasions, light up letters are an excellent choice – they go by many names like marquee letters, big lit letters, large lighted letters and many more. They’re true wordsmith divas!

They serve as eye-catching decorations that add a personalized touch and set the tone for your event. However, choosing between 7ft light up letters and 4ft tall letters can be a critical decision that impacts the overall look and feel of your event. In this blog post, we will explore the advantages of renting 7ft marquee letters over their smaller counterparts and help you make an informed decision for your next event.

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Weighing The Pros and Cons of 7ft and 4ft Marquees

1. Pros of 7ft letters


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-The Wow Factor:

These 7ft light up letters stand (7ft ×4ft) – they’re the superstars of any event! The details and design are on another level, making them the cool kids in the party scene. Seriously, go big or go home – these massive letters are the VIPs of making any event unforgettable!

-Photo Worthy:

Go beyond impressive backdrops – 7ft marquee letters offer photographers creative angles and perspectives. The size difference enhances lighting, shadows, and overall composition, resulting in visually striking images that tell the story of your special occasion.


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-Deluxe Marquee:

Those 7ft lighted letters are totally deluxe! Aside from being massive, the craftsmanship is on point. The slick white borders and the double layers of lights with perfect symmetry just bring a whole lot of class. And let’s not forget, they’re heavy-duty champs – built to last and make a statement.


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These giant light up letters work wonders, transforming any space into an elegant setting. Ideal for weddings, birthdays, school events, baby showers, or corporate events, these letters become captivating focal points, elevating the ambiance with sophistication and style.



Space Constraints: Spelling out longer phrases with 7ft tall letters indoor can be restrictive due to the limited space. 

Cost: The letters cost slightly more, due to being 3 and a half times bigger than the 4ft tall letters, but that’s a given.




2. Pros of 4ft letters


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The (4ft × 2ft) size strikes a balance between being noticeable and fitting into various event spaces, ensuring the spelling of phrases like “Happy Birthday Alexandria” whereas 7ft would need to be more creative depending on the space by spelling something like “HBD ALEX”



The widespread availability of these 4ft tall letters ensures that individuals across the entire United States can access and utilize them for their events. This accessibility allows for consistency in event planning, regardless of geographical location, making them a reliable and convenient choice for a diverse range of occasions.


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-They’re Stackable:

The stackable nature of these letters proves invaluable in optimizing space, especially in venues with limited room. This feature allows event planners and organizers to efficiently utilize tight spaces, ensuring that the entire message can be displayed without overcrowding the area. The ability to stack the letters also simplifies the setup process.


Self Pick Up:

The option for self-pickup adds a layer of convenience for those organizing events. Being able to drive to a local rental shop to collect the 4ft letters not only saves on delivery costs.


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-Photography Difficulty: It can be difficult to acquire the appropriate angle when photographing, due to covering up what’s written.

-Fewer Lights: Only one row of bulbs per letter for lighting.

Low Quality: Because so many of these are mass produced or made by hand, the quality has suffered.


3. Why put your love in lights?

Marquee lights bring that extra wow factor to special moments! Picture this: a proposal with 4ft or 7ft letters, birthdays that light up the room, and baby showers filled with the lively letters. It’s not just decoration; it’s crafting memories with your loved ones that sparkle and linger, making your celebrations uniquely awesome.


4. Types of event rentals available?

Event rentals cover a lot of cool stuff! You’ve got your ABCs, numbers, and symbols. Plus, there’s a bunch of extras like balloons, florals, sparklers, bounce houses, uplighting, and generators. Want something specific? Just check with the supplier.


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5. The Winner of Best Light Up Letters Is! 

**7ft Light Up Letters!**

While both 7ft and 4ft light up letters have their unique appeal, 7ft letters undoubtedly steal the show when compared to their 4ft counterparts. Their enhanced visibility, price, and versatility make them an ideal choice for both outdoor and indoor events.

By transforming spaces and capturing attention, these larger-than-life letters contribute to creating unforgettable experiences for guests and customers alike. Whether you’re planning a special event or looking to make a bold statement for your business, the 7ft light up letters will undoubtedly shine bright and leave a lasting impression on all who see them. 

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