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5 Affordable Photographers for hire in Murfreesboro, TN 

5 Affordable Photographers for hire in Murfreesboro, TN 

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Welcome to the vibrant world of photography in Murfreesboro, TN, where moments are immortalized and stories are told through the lens. In this blog, we unveil a curated list of 5 Affordable Photographers who not only capture images but weave tales of love, laughter, and life.

From the heartfelt narratives of Erika Roberts Photography to the dynamic duo at Knotting Hill Photography, each artist brings a unique perspective to the art of freezing time. Join us as we explore the talents of these 5 affordable photographers who transform ordinary moments into extraordinary memories.

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Knotting Hill Photography

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Kaitlin and Erik, the dynamic duo behind Knotting Hill Photography, didn’t just capture love; they found it on a middle school bus! Fast forward 13 years with 200 weddings under their belt, and they’re now happily married, wrangling two dogs, and living a life they cherish. The name reflects their mutual love for Rom-Coms. With eight years in business, they expanded to include videography and officiant services, aiming to enrich couples’ love stories.

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Kaitlin and Erik, known for their genuine approach, are not just photographers but affordable photographers, bringing a wealth of experience to capture both grand and intimate moments with ease. They prioritize client comfort, especially for those less camera-inclined, creating a relaxed atmosphere to visually tell each unique love story. Expect conversations, jokes, and genuine laughter as they immortalize your moments.


Blue Dahlia Photography

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Rabeeh’s passion extends beyond wedding photography to a deep love for people. Initially, when he embarked on his journey, becoming a wedding photographer wasn’t part of his plan. With over a decade of award-winning and published work, Rabeeh’s mission transcends mere photography; he aims to make a lasting impact on lives.

blue dahlia photography | tennessee wedding photographer | affordable photographers | my big letters | www.mybigletters.comHe enjoys antique cameras, bonsai, history, outdoors, landscaping, creamy foods, pecan pie, and “The Karate Kid.” All packages include every image, ensuring cherished memories for his clients. Optional add-ons like a second photographer, engagement, and bridal sessions are available.


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Adri Rae Photo

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For those seeking affordable photographers, Adriana, aka Adri, offers an excellent blend of quality and budget-friendly options. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, she is an elopement photographer who embraces adventures in the great outdoors, available to capture moments anywhere from Georgia to Colorado. 

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Known for her down-to-earth nature and keen sense of humor, she thrives on finding joy in every situation. Adriana’s photography is bold, romantic, and vibrant, narrating the unique story of each wedding day through genuine moments of laughter and love. She values the freedom and creativity that elopements offer, tailoring her approach to reflect the couple’s personalities.

Collaborating with those unafraid to break from tradition, she crafts a personalized visual narrative. Adriana not only guides couples through planning but also ensures they savor the experience while she meticulously captures every detail, creating a compelling tale of their special day.


Emily Campbell Photography

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Emily, a dedicated wedding photographer and videographer with over four years of experience, has captured numerous love stories, immortalizing precious moments. Her passion for photography and videography was ignited at her first wedding as a guest, where she fell in love with capturing love and emotions.

emily campbell photography | tennessee wedding photographer | affordable photographers | my big letters |

Emily’s goal is to create timeless imagery reflecting each couple’s love story, capturing authenticity and intricate details. She ensures a seamless experience, serving as both photographer and trusted friend throughout the planning process, delivering high-quality work exceeding expectations.


Middle TN Films

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Jordan and Olivia, a married couple from Nashville with a love for travel, specialize in capturing fleeting moments through still frames and motion pictures. When not working on shoots or edits, they enjoy playing frisbee with their Australian Cattle Dog, Scout.

middle tn films | tennessee wedding photographer | affordable photographers | my big letters |

Like most, they initially thought planning their wedding would be straightforward, only to discover the myriad decisions, from vendors to colors. Reflecting on their experience, they appreciate how these details made their wedding uniquely theirs, representing small tokens of the life they were choosing to build together.

However, the most cherished tokens are the moments they can forever relive. Jordan and Olivia aspire to offer couples the same, authentically telling their love stories through photos and videos. They see these visual memories as personal time machines, transporting couples back to their special day, capturing the magic for them to relive.


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Affordable Photographers:

In a city filled with picturesque landscapes and heartfelt stories, these 5 Affordable Photographers emerge as true artisans, crafting narratives that resonate with love, laughter, and authenticity.

Whether it’s Erika’s artful simplicity, Knotting Hill’s commitment to love tales, Adriana’s adventurous elopements, Bailee’s devotion to fleeting moments, or Middle TN Films’ dedication to capturing the heart, each photographer contributes a unique chapter to the visual novel of our city.

Selecting the right photographer is akin to choosing an author for your visual storybook, and within this diverse collection, you’re sure to discover the ideal storyteller to transform your moments into cherished memories that stand the test of time.

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