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7 Nashville Photographers Guaranteed To Enhance Your Wedding

7 Nashville Photographers Guaranteed To Enhance Your Wedding

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Taylor and Taylor

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Embarking on the journey of wedding planning is a thrilling endeavor, and one of the most crucial elements is finding the perfect photographer to immortalize your special day. In the vibrant city of Nashville, we’ve curated a list of seven Nashville photographers who not only possess exceptional skills behind the lens but also bring unique stories and perspectives to the table.

From family legacies to personal passions, each photographer on this list is guaranteed to enhance your wedding experience. Let’s dive into the profiles of these talented individuals who can turn your wedding moments into timeless works of art.

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Shelby Cook Photo

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Shelby’s family history is like a photo album – her granddad was a camera whiz, capturing everything from big moments to the little stuff. Even their grandma, after two years in Germany, rocked an old film camera, snapping up love, friendships, and landscapes. 

shelby cook photo | nashville photographers | my big letters |

Photography is in Shelby’s blood, connecting them to people’s stories. Each tale, whether big or small, is part of Shelby’s career journey, and she takes the time to really understand their clients. Shelby’s wedding package? It starts at 3 grand, and you score not just Shelby but a second shooter and a trusty assistant. Sweet deal, right? 

Oh, and Shelby’s got this thing for black and white pics – check out @takethecolor on Instagram. She’s all about how black and white photos tell stories that colors sometimes miss. It’s like Shelby’s own timeless art adventure. Making her a prime pick for us on this list of top Nashville photographers. 

Frawley Photography

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Introducing Sam and Jenn! Following their own wedding, they’ve dedicated themselves to assisting couples in celebrating and treasuring their special day. Originating from Nashville, Tennessee, their shared passion for photography has fueled over 8 years of professional expertise.

frawley photography | nashville photographers | my big letters |

Captivated by the art of capturing love, weddings have emerged as their preferred photographic focus. Their work has gained acclaim, being featured in various wedding magazines and online publications.

John Myers Photographer

Website | Instagram | Facebook

Meet John, the guy who used to dive into finance but now captures wedding vibes with his cameras. Even in the corporate hustle, weekends were all about weddings until he decided to ditch the cubicle life for full-time wedding fun. We’re all about fun, which is why we selected him as one of the leading Nashville photographers.

john myers photographer | nashville photographers | my big letters |

Outside of snapping shots, you’ll find John hanging with his awesome wife, Melissa, and their two kiddos, Weston and Colton. They’re all about exploring and grabbing cool pics along the way.

John brings a vibe of good times and good vibes to weddings. If you’re looking for someone to capture your big day, reach out and see if John is the right fit!

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Josie Bruno Photo

Website | Instagram | Facebook

Introducing Josie Bruno! With wedding packages starting at $1800, she offers an unbeatable deal – a complimentary engagement package for a limited time when booking a wedding.

josie bruno photo | nashville photographers | my big letters |

Her passion in this career stems from the desire to make everyday people feel like stars. Josie believes in ensuring everyone feels beautiful, comfortable, and free. Drawing from 10 years of modeling experience, she assures you that she’s got your back on those poses. According to Josie, “with the right photographer guiding you, everyone can be photogenic.” Contact her now; she looks forward to seeing if you’re both a good fit.

McKenzie Photo

Website | Instagram | Facebook

Kenzie Mix stands out among Nashville photographers, serving as your premier wedding storyteller. With four years behind the lens, she’s all about capturing those crazy beautiful moments on your big day. Weddings? Totally her jam. She’ll be your hype buddy, the one shedding a tear with you, hitting the dance floor, and sharing the joy at the end. Plus, she’s down to travel anywhere in the universe to be there for your special day.

mckenzie photo | nashville photographers | my big letters |

At 25, Kenzie’s just your laid-back Dr. Pepper sippin’, chocolate lovin’, beach daydreamin’, and fashion-forward creative. Before diving into the photo and video world, she rocked it at her mom’s boutique, Inspirations, for a cool 12 years. Chillin’ in middle Tennessee with her sweet chocolate lab, Baker, she’s got big dreams of globetrotting, especially to capture more epic wedding vibes.

Sara Bill Photography

Website | Instagram | Facebook

Among the multitude of Nashville photographers, Sara thrives on narrating genuine love stories. Capturing weddings authentically and with care, from quiet moments to heart-stirring ones, is her passion. sara bill photography | nashville photographers | my big letters |

While she experimented with fashion and music photography after high school and college, it wasn’t until her first wedding that she found her true calling in storytelling. Over 100 weddings later, she still feels the excitement of meeting each new couple. Sara believes in building a connection to create amazing photos.

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She was born and raised in Wisconsin, and she embraces the stereotype of loving beer and cheese. True crime podcasts, tearjerker shows, and musical theater excite her. So start your love story adventure with Sara!


Melina Massengill Photography

Website | Instagram | Facebook

Melina Massengill is based in Nashville, TN, where she’s proudly raising her cool pup, Frank – yeah, total cutie. When Melina isn’t clicking away, you’ll find her hitting the gym, getting artsy, hiking, or just hanging with the fam.

melina messengill photography | nashville photographers | my big letters |

For Melina, photography is more than a gig; it’s a real passion. Opting for her as your photographer means you’re not just hiring someone with a camera – she becomes your biggest cheerleader and go-to friend, capturing those unforgettable moments.

So, if you’re looking for one of these Nashville photographers who knows how to have a good time, keeps it laid-back, guides you effortlessly, and genuinely cares, look no further. Melina is the perfect match! She’s ready to create some amazing memories together.

Nashville Photographers

As you navigate the intricate details of planning your wedding, the significance of a skilled and personable photographer cannot be overstated. We’ve introduced you to seven remarkable Nashville photographers, each with their own narrative, style, and commitment to capturing the essence of your special day.

Whether you resonate with Shelby’s familial connection to photography, Sam and Jenn’s dedication born from their own wedding experience, or Kelsey’s bold journey from marine biology to photography, you’re sure to find a photographer who aligns with your vision.

These Nashville photographers not only have the technical prowess to create stunning visuals but also the passion to make your wedding memories truly unforgettable. Now, armed with insights into their stories, styles, and offerings, you’re ready to make an informed choice and turn your wedding dreams into a beautifully captured reality.

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Picture of Taylor and Taylor

Taylor and Taylor

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