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Wedding Florist: The Best In Tennessee

Wedding Florist: The Best In Tennessee

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In the realm of wedding floristry, a tapestry of love and nature’s beauty is intricately woven. We’ll start this floral journey with our top three wedding florist in Nashville and work our way through this beautiful state drifting into Huntsville, Alabama.

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Best Wedding Florist In Nashville, TN

1. Creations By Debbie

Since ’76, the team excels in crafting unforgettable weddings and events. Their one-stop Event, Wedding & Floral Design Studio offers everything from bouquets to drapery, ensuring a seamless experience. With decorative accessories, live and silk flowers, canopies, lighting, and linens, they guarantee your special day is truly exceptional.


2. Lauren Marie Atkinson Designs

Meet Lauren, LMA Designs’ fearless floral maestro, turning dreams into blooming realities. With a background in a family flower farm, she’s Nashville’s premier floral wizard, blending logistical genius and creative spirit. 

Beyond flowers, her passion extends to the kitchen, Crossfit, and charitable endeavors. Recently honored with the Volunteer Spirit of the Year Award, Lauren adds a sprinkle of charm to every moment. Join us on this blooming journey where each blossom tells a story!

3. Echoes of Eden Florals

Meet the cool folks at Echoes of Eden! Founded in 2018 by flower lover Kelly Severino Horn. Joined by Harley’s artsy vibes in 2021 and Carlie’s talent in 2022. Together, they’re turning events into bloomin’ dreams with their creative magic. 

4. Flourishing Flowers

A name synonymous with blooming beauty, Flourishing Flowers is a testament to the artistry of Mari a floral designer and event decorator. Beyond weddings, their expertise extends to corporate events, holiday gatherings, and more. With a keen eye for detail, they craft mesmerizing centerpieces, aisle markers, and bridal bouquets, turning each event into a floral symphony.

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Best Wedding Florist In Mufreesboro, TN

1. Larson Floral Co.

Larson Floral Co, with 12+ years in Nashville’s flower scene, is a creative haven infusing love into every petal. In their fourth studio, the diverse team turns clients’ ideas into captivating floral visions, earning trust as one of Nashville’s best. 

The founder, inspired by a family of entrepreneurs, created this venture to follow their genuine passion. Beyond blooms, catch the mastermind spending quality time with family and a furry entourage, fueled by florals and at least two cups of coffee daily.

2. Enchanted Flower Shop

Known for speedy deliveries and exceptional customer care, this gem serves Murfreesboro and nearby areas, ensuring your flowers reach the perfect spots. The talented local florist team crafts stunning arrangements for all occasions, from birthdays to sympathy gestures. With a touch of floral elegance, Enchanted Flower Shop goes the extra mile.

Best Wedding Florist In Eagleville, TN

Black Cat Florals & Botanicals

Located in rural Middle Tennessee, Black Cat Florals & Botanicals stands as a small, farm-based wedding floral business. Erin Davidson, the owner and head florist, brings over 15 years of experience and a worldly perspective to her craft. Growing many of their own floral elements on a family farm, Erin’s designs seamlessly blend international and local influences.

Erin’s commitment to nature is evident in her use of seasonal, locally grown flowers, and greenery. From color palette selection to distinctive floral details, Black Cat Florals & Botanicals collaborates closely with clients, creating bespoke designs that harmonize with their wedding vision and budget.

Best Wedding Florist In Franklin, TN

Belles Fleurs

Belles Fleurs believes in creating the perfect setting with flowers for any occasion. From classic to romantic, country casual to big city chic, they make dreams a reality. They are the proud winners of WeddingWire’s 2017, 2018, 2021, and 2022, 2021 Couple’s Choice Award. Note all events include a free consultation for personalized attention.

Best Wedding Florist In Columbia, TN

Bloomstall Flower Boutique

Discover the Bloomstall Flower Boutique nestled in downtown Columbia, TN – a florist experience beyond the ordinary. Awarded the title of the town’s best flower shop for three consecutive years, Bloomstall stands out with its contemporary floral designs crafted from unique blooms. 

Owner Michelle personally handcrafts each exclusive arrangement, offering her expertise for bridal bouquets, boutonnieres, bridesmaid’s bouquets, table settings, arbors, and more. Whether you seek elaborate wedding florals or simple, elegant personal flowers, Michelle’s artistic touch awaits you at the boutique. Send your request through her website for wedding florals.

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Best Wedding Florist In Winchester, TN


At SOULflowers, floral design is pursued with passion. Having a profound appreciation for flowers, I’ve witnessed their unwavering commitment to delivering a personalized experience to their clients. With a focus on weddings and diverse events, they infuse elegance into each occasion, from intricately adorned archways to carefully crafted bridal bouquets. SOULflowers has the ability to turn dreams into exquisite floral masterpieces.

Best Wedding Florist In Chattanooga, TN

Stella Rose Floral

Danielle, also known as “Mezz,” specializes in wedding and social event floral design. A visual artist with an extensive portfolio encompassing paintings, murals, and charcoal work, she embraces various art forms and delights in integrating flowers into collaborative projects and exploring new mediums. 

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Best Wedding Florist In Knoxville, TN

Restoration Blooms

From Knoxville, her fascination with floral design ignited during her time as an event planner. Amidst the hustle of parenting four children, the intricate process became a cherished passion, providing a necessary slowdown and a patient, reflective escape from chaos. The name “Restoration Blooms” signifies personal restoration, highlighting the beauty that unfolds when life decelerates.

Best Wedding Florist In Mount Juliet, TN

Wild Woods Floral Design

Wild Woods weaves with Sola Wood Flowers, turning authentic wood into stunning arrangements. Born from the roots of a renewable Indian plant, each creation is a masterpiece – hand-shaved sheets, carefully cut shapes, and artistic tying. Hand-dyed, stemmed, and designed with a touch of care, the concept of wooden bouquets is as wild and peculiar as it is uniquely you. Whether it’s a dream or a cherished tradition, Wild Woods is your partner in bringing it to life, crafting bold art together.

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Best Wedding Florist In Jackson, TN

SAND’S Florist

Sand’s Florist, the oldest flower shop in Jackson and its surroundings, takes pride in being a full-service florist. The talented designers at Sand’s Florist are dedicated to crafting perfectly beautiful bouquets for all special occasions, be it birthdays, speedy recovery, congratulations, anniversaries, or simply just because. Sand’s Florist has you covered.

Best Wedding Florist In Memphis, TN

Premier Flowers

Operating in Memphis and nationwide, they make sending flowers a joy, providing care from order placement to delivery. Beyond traditional floristry, their artistic team has been featured on national TV and served A-list celebrities for various events. Offering a modern twist, Premier Flowers allows customers to create personalized arrangements with a special touch.

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Best Wedding Florist In Huntsville, AL

Willow Events

Willow Events owner Victoria, since 2019, isn’t your typical florist—she’s a memory-maker. All about weddings, birthdays, baby showers, quinceañeras, and corporate events, turning ideas into real-deal celebrations. Willow Events has this knack for making your visions come to life, from fancy archways to cute corsages. 
Check out their track record—it’s a mix of awesome weddings, cool birthdays, and classy corporate gigs. Victoria’s got this easygoing vibe, making sure your event is stress-free. At Willow Events, it’s not just about parties; it’s about creating moments that stick with you.

The Rosey Ending:

These wedding florists are not just creators of arrangements; they are storytellers, weaving tales of love through the language of flowers. Whether it’s the timeless elegance of Soul Flowers, the versatile artistry of Flourishing Flowers By Mari, the event details by Willow Events, or the rustic charm of Black Cat Florals & Botanicals, each florist brings a unique touch to the canvas of weddings, turning dreams into reality, one bloom at a time.

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