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Lighted Letters World: A Professional Glimpse Behind The Scenes

Lighted Letters World: A Professional Glimpse Behind The Scenes

Taylor and Taylor

Taylor and Taylor

Everything Weddings and Marquee Letters | Middle Tennessee

As one of the owners of My Big Letters, I find myself standing amidst the joyful glow of lighted letters daily. I’m sure many can’t help but wonder about the story behind their mesmerizing presence. In this blog, I’ll take you behind the scenes of marquee letter installations, revealing the final looks, loading time, distance to location, setup, pickup, and inspection process. From the labor-intensive tasks to the vibe they create, let’s explore the captivating world of lighted letters!

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Loading Time and Distance to Location:

Preparing for lighted letters installation is no easy feat. We begin packing as early as 6 am, which might seem unconventional, especially considering our workdays often extend until 12 am or 1 am. This early start is crucial to ensure punctuality. The process involves careful loading of these big letters onto transport vehicles, making sure they are handled with utmost care.

The size and weight of the letters may require specialized equipment and handling to ensure their safe transportation. And let’s not forget the distance to the event location, which plays a significant role in planning for a smooth journey. 

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Once we arrive and the spot is shown at the event location, the real work begins. It’s a meticulous process that demands precision to ensure the lighted letters are level, aligned, and securely fastened, as safety is our #1 job.

As event organizers and decorators work diligently to set the stage, you can’t help but feel the anticipation of others starting to build up. “Light them up already!” they said! What started an hour ago is now the moment to shine, and the observers go quiet. The awes and wows begin, and it’s a small thrill I’ll never tire of.

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Final Looks:

As the sun sets and darkness descends, the magic of marquee letters truly unfolds. The soft glow emitted by each letter brings an inviting ambiance that instantly captivates everyone around. Whether it’s a wedding, corporate event, or celebration, the final looks of lighted letters add a touch of elegance and nostalgia that leave a lasting impression.

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Labor-Intensive Process:

Behind the scenes, it’s evident that the setup and dismantling of lighted letters require dedicated labor and teamwork. Handling the weight and size of the letters is no small task, and precision is crucial to ensure a flawless arrangement. The event crews work tirelessly to make every aspect of the installation perfect, and their expertise shines through every step of the process.

Pickup and Inspection:

Once the event concludes, the tear-down process begins. The marquee letters are carefully disassembled and loaded back onto transport vehicles for their journey back to the storage or rental facility.

After returning, a thorough inspection ensures that each letter is in top-notch condition, ready for the next event. Prompt maintenance and repairs are carried out if needed, ensuring that the letters stay in pristine condition for future installations.

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Hours of Time Needed:

The amount of time required for a marquee letter installation can vary depending on multiple factors. The number of letters, the complexity of the display with balloons, the distance to the location, and the amount of crew needed to setup all play a role in determining the hours needed.

From loading and unloading to setup and inspection, lighted letter installs can sometimes span several hours, but the end result is always worth the effort.

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Lighted Letters 4ever:

As I reflect on the beauty of lighted letters, I’m reminded of the labor of love behind their creation. The final looks, loading time, distance to location, setup, pickup, and inspection processes are all essential elements that contribute to the joyful atmosphere they bring to events.

So, the next time you encounter these captivating illuminated displays, take a moment to appreciate the hard work and dedication that make them shine so brightly in the spotlight.

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Taylor and Taylor

Taylor and Taylor

Everything Weddings and Marquee Letters | Middle Tennessee

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