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Special prizes for baby shower games and game ideas

Special prizes for baby shower games and game ideas

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Thank you for joining this delightful adventure into the world of baby shower games and special prizes, celebrating the upcoming arrival of a precious little one. Baby showers are heartwarming gatherings filled with laughter and joy. Adding prizes only enhances the guests experience.
Regardless of your budget, you can discover appropriate prizes for baby shower games on our list, and both your guests and the mom-to-be will surely value your considerate gestures.

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Baby showers are truly heartwarming gatherings, and these prizes are sure to infuse your special day with joy and laughter.

17 Prizes For Baby Shower Games:

Here are creative baby shower prize ideas to add fun:

1. Gift Cards: A $20 gift card.

2. Lottery Tickets: $10- $50 worth of tickets.

3. Funny T-Shirt: Oversized tees with a humorous message.

4. Mini Sparkling Wine: Gift Prosecco or Champagne with a fun note.

5. Book Lover’s Prize: A bestseller or bookstore gift card with a bookmark.

6. Baker’s Prize Set: Cake pan with mix or cookie cutters with a recipe.

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Prizes For Baby Shower Games (cont.):

7. Cook’s Prize Set: Kitchen towels, utensils, or a cookbook.

8. Grill Master’s Gift Set: Grilling tools, skewers, mitt, or BBQ sauce.

9. Movie Night Prize Set: Popcorn bowl with treats.

10. Beach Day Prize Set: Beach bucket with essentials.

11. Hiking Prize Set: Hiking essentials.

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Prizes For Baby Shower Games (cont.):

12. Manicure Set: A gift bag with nail care items.

13. Tea Mug Set: A patterned tea mug with tea sachets and cookies.

14. Selection of Lip Balms: Various lip balms in a bag.

15. Flower Pot & Seeds: A terracotta pot, dirt, and seeds.

16. Spa Day Prize Set: Basket with spa essentials.

17. Box of Chocolates: Quality chocolates.

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10 Exciting Baby Shower Games:

Shifting our focus from the prizes for baby shower games, let’s delve into the realm of games. Whether you’re the soon-to-be parent, a friend, or a family member, these games are crafted to foster lasting memories and connections that will be reminisced about for years. Here are our top 10 baby shower games guaranteed to enhance your celebration with extra joy!

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1. Guess the Baby Gear:

If you’re in search of enjoyable, hassle-free baby shower games, this one’s a hit. It not only brings fun but also sparks conversations and tests baby gear knowledge.

– Plain note cards
– A pen
– Safety pins for each guest

How to Play:
Create a note card for each guest with a baby item written on it (e.g., “dirty diaper,” “baby pacifier”). As guests arrive, pin a card on their back, keeping the item hidden. Guests must ask each other “Yes” or “No” questions to guess the item. Once guessed, they can display or remove their card.

2. Balloon Baby Bump:

Perfect for couples or any guest list, this game adds a hilarious twist to baby showers.

– Balloons
– Pins (optional)

How to Play:
Divide guests into teams. Each team inflates balloons, tucks them under their shirts, and pops them, either with a pin or by bumping “bellies.” The first team to pop all balloons wins.

3. Diaper Changing Relay:

A hilarious game for all, but particularly enjoyable for dads-to-be.

– Newborn diapers
– Baby wipes
– Baby jumpsuits
– Plush animals or baby dolls

How to Play:
Form teams. In a relay race, each team changes a doll’s diaper, wipes it, dresses it, and passes it to the next team member. The first team to complete the task wins.

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4. Baby Bingo:

Engage guests in gift-opening fun with Baby Shower Bingo.

– Bingo cards (with unique gift combinations)
– Small stickers or pens

How to Play:
Guests receive bingo cards with gift combinations. As the parents open gifts, guests mark off received items. The first to complete a row, column, or diagonal wins. *great to include one of the prizes for baby shower games above.

5. Baby Due Date Guess:

A classic game that everyone enjoys.

– Pens and paper for guests
– Calendar of the expected birth month

How to Play:
Guests predict the baby’s birth date and time. Offer prizes for the correct date and closest time. Distribute prizes after the baby arrives. *great to include one of the prizes for baby shower games above.

6. Baby Name Creation:

Get creative with this naming game, offering inspiration to the parents-to-be.

– Pens and paper for guests
– Timer

How to Play:
Provide guests with the parents’ names and set a timer. Guests create baby names using only those letters.

7. Who’s That Baby?:

A heartwarming game that connects past and future generations.

– Baby photo of each guest
– Numbered blank lists
– Pens or pencils

How to Play:
Guests bring baby photos and guess who’s who by matching numbers.

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8. Don’t Say “Baby”:

A simple and entertaining game that continues throughout the party.

– Five clothespins per guest

How to Play:
Guests pin clothespins to their clothes and avoid saying “baby.” If someone slips, they lose a clothespin. The guest with the most pins wins. *great to include one of the prizes for baby shower games above.

9. Name the Baby Tune:

A music twist for an easy and fun game.

– Playlist of baby songs

How to Play:
Play baby songs and have guests guess the song names. Note who gets them right the fastest.

10. Baby Shark:

An engaging game involving gummy sharks.

– Swedish Fish or gummy sharks

How to Play:
Pairs toss gummy sharks into each other’s cups or mouths. The most sharks at the end wins.

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In Closing:

Remember, these games create cherished memories and connections. Enjoy the laughter, surprises, and love during your baby shower. Prizes for baby shower games enhance the overall experience by boosting participation, fostering bonding, adding a personal touch, honoring the mom-to-be, creating lasting memories, and encouraging participation from all ages.

While the focus of a baby shower is undoubtedly the new baby, the games and the prizes make the celebration even more memorable and enjoyable for everyone involved. So, when planning your next baby shower, consider adding a competitive edge and rewarding your guests with prizes – it’s sure to make the occasion extra special.

Wishing you a fantastic baby shower filled with unforgettable moments!

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