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Best 7 Helpful Wedding & Engagement Photographers Near Spring Hill, TN

Best 7 Helpful Wedding & Engagement Photographers Near Spring Hill, TN

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Weddings and engagements are moments of pure joy and love, and capturing those precious memories requires the expertise of talented photographers. If you’re in the Spring Hill, TN area and seeking the perfect photographer to freeze those cherished moments in time, look no further. 

In this blog, we present the best 7 helpful wedding and engagement photographers near Spring Hill, TN. These dedicated professionals are passionate about preserving your unique love story. 

From candid laughter to heartfelt embraces, they specialize in turning your moments into lifelong memories. Let’s dive into the world of these remarkable photographers who will make your special day unforgettable.

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Dani Jayden Photography

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Location: Spring Hill, TN

Meet Dani, your friendly neighborhood photographer in the heart of Nashville!  With four adorable children of her own, she understands the magic of capturing those precious, fleeting moments. From her early days as a pro on film and TV to her current role behind the camera, Dani’s passion is to freeze the laughter, the grins, and the authentic emotions of your everyday life.

dani jayden photography | wedding, engagement photographers and more | my big letters

Her wedding or engagement photo sessions are like no other – tailored to your unique selves, and designed to be all about fun and togetherness.  You might even find yourself grooving to the beat and dancing your heart out during the shoot! Let Dani turn your moments into memories, preserving the joy and love that make your family unique. Get ready to smile, laugh, and dance your way through unforgettable photo sessions!

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Elizabeth Covington Photography

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Location: Columbia, TN

Meet Elizabeth, a passionate photographer with a deep love for Jesus. With Tennessee as her colorful backdrop, she’s excited to say hello! Her remarkable journey is all about having a discerning eye for encapsulating the very essence of moments in the world around her.

elizabeth covington photography | wedding, engagement photographers and more | my big letters

But Elizabeth is more than just a photographer; she’s on a mission to create positive change. With every sale, a portion goes to support a different charity each month. 

It’s not just about capturing moments; it’s about making the world a better place. Quality is Elizabeth’s hallmark, and she takes immense pride in delivering top-tier work that doesn’t break the bank. When you collaborate with Elizabeth, you’re stepping into a world of love where each frame holds a sprinkle of magic.

AGO Photography 

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Location: Spring Hill, TN

Meet April, the brilliant visionary behind the lens, a master of capturing those irreplaceable moments. A devoted parent with two energetic kiddos, knows how to keep the adventure alive. She’s happily married to her soulmate, and their love story is a beautiful wellspring of inspiration. 

ago photography | wedding, engagement photographers and more | my big letters

Adventure runs through her veins – camping, traveling, chasing waterfalls, and sporting those trendy bell bottoms are just a few of her passions. Her eclectic taste doesn’t stop there; she’s into macramé, dancing to vinyl tunes in the kitchen, and growing an ever-expanding plant collection. Her essence shows in her images, representing such raw beauty in all that she captures. 

Before she made her dream of photography a reality, April was a teacher, nurturing young minds and sharing her wisdom. April is excited to connect with you and weave her creative vision into your story.  Get ready to embark on this thrilling journey with her, and create those magical memories that will last a lifetime!

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Photo and Film by LuAnn

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Location: Spring Hill, TN

Introducing LuAnn, the driving force behind Photo and Film by LuAnn, a seasoned photographer with an extraordinary journey. In her early days, she was captivated by the beauty of nature through her lens, but her true calling emerged in the world of weddings. 

photo and film by luAnn | wedding, engagement photography and more | my big letters

For LuAnn, it’s not about staged poses; it’s about capturing the raw, unfiltered emotions of your special day, igniting her love for artistic expression and creativity.Her primary focus revolves around the wedding industry, where her nature-honed skills grant her a unique advantage in working with brides. She effortlessly harnesses natural light and colors to unveil the genuine beauty of every moment. 


As the seasons change, so does LuAnn’s artistry, seamlessly transitioning from weddings to nature photography during her off-season or leisurely vacations.Joining her on this creative path is her husband, a talented wedding videographer. His journey from graphic design and software engineering to love story capturing is a testament to his technical expertise and kind-hearted nature.

Together, they form an exceptional team, offering comprehensive wedding photography and videography services. LuAnn is also supported by an outstanding team of wedding photographers and videographers who share her passion for capturing each precious moment with creativity and professionalism. Their collective dedication is what makes your special day one to remember.

Matt Andrew’s Photography

Website | Instagram | Facebook

Location: Franklin, TN

Introducing Matt Andrews, a photographer whose journey is as vibrant as his captivating images. Hailing from the picturesque landscapes of Santa Fe, TN, Matt’s upbringing on a farm and his distinction as an Eagle Scout underscore his deep connection to nature and community.

nashville photographer | matt andrews photography | wedding, engagement photography and more | my big letters

Matt’s educational odyssey included stops at Ole Miss, MTSU, and UT Knoxville, where a life-changing photojournalism class set him on the path to his true calling. He’s not limited to one genre; he’s a multi-faceted artist. He effortlessly transitions between wedding, portrait, commercial, fashion, editorial, and even video and TV promo work.

What sets Matt apart is his ability to blend different photographic worlds. His fashion, commercial, and editorial experience enriches his wedding photography, making it stand out. His commercial clients often commend his efficiency, attributing it to his background in wedding photography, where time is always of the essence.

Matt firmly believes that wedding photography is the most challenging and rewarding aspect of his craft. It’s a realm where photographers must thrive in the face of challenging lighting and capture the raw, unscripted moments of love. With an uncanny talent for weaving stories through imagery, an unrelenting passion for his work, and a keen eye for editing, Matt Andrews is your go-to photographer.

Henpeck Lane Photography

Website | Instagram | Facebook

Location: Franklin, TN

If you’re on the hunt for a photographer who pours her heart into capturing life’s most cherished moments, look no further. Meet Stephanie, a photography enthusiast whose journey began with a simple desire – to have more photos of her children. Little did she know that her passion would lead her to become the go-to photographer for friends and family, capturing their children, families, and weddings.

henpeck lane photography | wedding, engagement photography and more | my big letters

Beyond photography, Stephanie is a former educator and a dedicated learner. Her commitment to lifelong learning shines through in her approach to each portrait and wedding session. To her, it’s like a pop quiz, where she uses her artistic eye to craft your story with the perfect blend of location, lighting, and gentle guidance, ensuring your personalities shine.

Stephanie believes that the memories she creates should be simple, honest, and enjoyable, ones you’ll cherish forever.When she’s not wielding her camera, you’ll find her baking up a storm in the kitchen with her daughter, Julianna, or on their family’s century-old farm. 

She’s a jack-of-all-trades, whether chauffeuring her son, Jefferson, to trap practice, sharing cozy moments with her youngest, Jackie, or brainstorming home improvement projects with her husband, Jeremy, and her mother. And don’t be surprised to catch her engrossed in her latest Bible study – Stephanie’s zest for life and learning shines through in all she does.

Worth + Gold Photography by Whitney Gernet

Website | Facebook

Location: Pulaski, TN

Whitney, Breanna, and Heather form a dynamic team of women dedicated to preserving your most authentic and unfiltered moments. Their mission? To encapsulate all the seasons of life, every unique moment, and the genuine essence of you. 

worth + gold photography by whitney gernet | wedding, engagement photography and more | my big letters

These talented wedding engagement photographers cover it all and more, ensuring that your photography needs are met in one convenient location. Whether it’s boudoir, weddings, lifestyle shoots, newborn sessions, or senior portraits, you’ll find a seamless selection of their services on their website.

They’re not just photographers; they’re your partners in capturing the essence of your journey. They hope to be the perfect fit for you and are thrilled to share in these special seasons of your life. Whitney, Breanna, and Heather can’t wait to be a part of your extraordinary moments.

Wedding & Engagement Photographers

Your wedding and engagement moments deserve to be immortalized in the most enchanting and authentic way possible. The wedding/ engagement photographers near Spring Hill, TN are more than just experts behind the lens; they are storytellers, artists, and visionaries. 

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Whether it’s Dani Jayden, Elizabeth Covington, April from AGO Photography, LuAnn, Matt Andrews, Stephanie from Henpeck Lane Photography, or the talented trio of Whitney, Breanna, and Heather from Worth + Gold Photography, each of them brings their unique touch to your special day. 

They are dedicated to preserving the love, laughter, and unique essence of your journey, ensuring you have magical memories to cherish for a lifetime. So, choose the one that resonates with your vision, and let these wedding & engagement photographers turn your moments into masterpieces. Your love story deserves nothing less.

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Picture of Taylor and Taylor

Taylor and Taylor

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