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8 best wedding and event photographers in Huntsville, AL

8 best wedding and event photographers in Huntsville, AL

Picture of Taylor and Taylor

Taylor and Taylor

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A wedding is a celebration of love, a moment when two souls embark on a beautiful journey together. The significance of this day cannot be overstated, and capturing the essence of such an occasion requires skilled event photographers. In Huntsville, Alabama, there is a selection of talented photographers who excel in preserving these precious moments. We’ve compiled a list of the 8 best wedding and event photographers in Huntsville, AL, who go beyond simply taking pictures. They capture the love, joy, and emotion that make each wedding unique. Let’s meet event photographers who are dedicated to making your special day unforgettable.

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Joel & Amber Photography

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Their joy lies in serving both the Lord and people, ensuring the journey from engagement to marriage is joyful and stress-free. Planning a wedding is thrilling but overwhelming, a feeling they’re familiar with. Their advice to couples? Take a breath. Each day of marriage is a celebration of love.

Their mission transcends taking stunning wedding photos. They aim to encourage and support couples, impacting their lives beyond the wedding day. They strive to build enduring marriages, reflecting God’s love. Making one of our top event photographers.

As a dynamic photography duo, their commitment is to create joyful weddings and strong marriages, believing that marriage is worth fighting for and having the potential to influence generations. Their business essence is serving others, showering kindness like confetti, believing it’s the ultimate expression of love, surpassing the beauty of wedding photography.

Melissa And Co Photo

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When it comes to wedding and event photographers this couple is a personal favorite. Melissa, a graduate of the University of Montevallo in 2003 with a photography degree, commenced her career immediately, collaborating with studios such as Belmont Studios (Birmingham), Waldrup Studios (Huntsville), and Greg Machen Studios (Huntsville). 

melissa and co photo | wedding and event photographers |

She also contributed to 256 Magazine in Huntsville for several years and gained recognition on platforms like The Knot, Wedding Wire, The Overwhelmed Bride, and Southern Bride.

Bryan, a distinguished photojournalist with an impressive collection of award plaques, served as a staff photographer at the Huntsville Times for over 15 years and then worked at the Redstone Rocket for 5 years. He earned “Photo of the Year” honors from the Alabama Associated Press multiple times and ventured into photography in Central America’s jungles and the war zones of Bosnia.

Their style blends portraiture and photojournalism, appealing to those who enjoy Pinterest-inspired aesthetics and candid moments. They offer film photography on request and have a personal darkroom for black and white film processing. Melissa and Bryan prioritize communication and eagerly welcome inquiries to get to know their clients better.

Freeman and Co Photography

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Hey there! Let’s introduce you to Rachael, a photographer with a quirky twist and a whole lot of talent. She’s all about capturing genuine moments that make you laugh for real. Her style involves guided candid photos and editing that’s warm, bold, and true to life. Deserving of being one of our leading event photographers.

freeman and co photography | wedding and event photographers |

Rachael’s photography journey began in her childhood, surrounded by cameras, and continued through college, where she studied graphic design and communications. After returning to her hometown of Fayetteville, TN, and marrying, she joined Freeman & Co. Photography in 2016. In 2019, she took the leap, making her dream job a full-time reality.

Rachael is also a “cool mom” to two awesome kids, as her social media will show. Her passion lies in capturing the joy in moments, big and small, to create photos that make you smile and maybe even shed a happy tear. For quirky and genuine photography, Rachael’s your go-to photographer!

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Danielle Jordan Photography LLC

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Meet Danielle Jordan, a photographer whose artistic journey began in childhood, where she explored various creative outlets. Her love for the arts led her to an art magnet high school, igniting her passion for photography. In the 9th grade, she received her first DSLR camera and embarked on a photography journey.

danielle jordan photography llc | wedding and event photographers |

Danielle’s focus initially centered on cars and motorcycles at car shows, honing her skills. But she yearned to capture emotion, love, and life’s details, transitioning to portraiture. In 2017, after the birth of her son, she decided to turn her hobby into a business, specializing in weddings, portraits, and boudoir.

Despite challenges like imposter syndrome and business management, Danielle’s positivity and dedication shine. She advises treating your hobby like a business from day one and nurturing a supportive photography community. Danielle offers three collections starting at $1750, catering to her clients’ diverse needs. Her pricing alone is affordable compared to most event photographers. Visit her sites and complete the contact form to discover her passion for telling stories through her lens.

Gracemade Photography

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Let’s get to know Hannah, a lively 29-year-old with a deep love for life’s finest treasures – people, the art of living, creative design, and those real, unscripted moments. When she’s not working her magic behind the camera at weddings, she’s using her graphic design and photography skills to make Women of Joy shine. Her photography packages kick off at $2600, and they come with one photographer, a generous eight hours of coverage, an online digital gallery, a snappy preview gallery in just 3-5 days, and a handy print release.

gracemade photography | wedding and event photographers |

Hannah’s journey into the world of photography kicked off back when she was a mere 19-year-old, and she’s been on that captivating path since 2016. With over a hundred weddings in her portfolio, she’s the creative genius behind the lens, weaving beautiful stories through her captivating photos and videos. Her sharp eye for detail doesn’t stop at weddings; it extends to individuals, families, businesses, non-profits, and churches – she’s got them all covered.

There’s a certain kind of joy in preserving those naturally unfolding moments, making them lasting memories. For Hannah, it’s a true honor to serve others in this way, and she’s unwavering in her commitment to making the most of this extraordinary gift. So, if you’re on the hunt for a photographer who can capture the beauty of life’s real moments, Hannah’s your go-to gal compared to most wedding and event photographers. Get in touch and let the magic begin!

Cotton State Photography & Videography

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Cotton State Photography is a dedicated husband-and-wife duo based in Huntsville, Alabama, specializing in wedding photography services across the Southeast. The team comprises of Laura, who serves as the Owner and Lead Photographer, and Justin, the Second Photographer and an ordained minister.

cotton state photography & videography | wedding and event photographers |

Boasting a plethora of wedding experiences over several years, these wedding and event photographers stands out as a secure and dependable choice for your special day. Their passion lies in capturing the essence of love, ensuring that every beautiful emotion is preserved on your wedding day.

Cotton State Photography provides a comprehensive range of services, including professional prints, canvases, boudoir sessions, crystal USB flash drives, custom photo boxes, luxury albums, and additional hourly coverage. Whether you’re in Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, or beyond, their vast experience and skill ensure your wedding moments are beautifully preserved.

Madison Martin Photography LLC

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Madison Martin is a wedding photographer based in Huntsville, and she’s all about capturing those real, radiant, and timeless moments. She’s a big believer in keeping things simple and is super grateful for the little business that God has blessed her with. Madison can’t wait to see what the future has in store, and she knows that her photography venture exists thanks to His grace, and it’ll keep growing through Him.

madison martin photography llc | wedding and event photographers |

Here’s the thing – Madison used to be totally against pictures! If you asked anyone from her hometown, they’d say they never saw this shy girl hiding behind her dad’s pants leg becoming a photographer. She only got into photography when she got her first iPhone at 13. But it wasn’t until she started capturing moments with her friends and family that she realized how precious pictures are for remembering life.

Somewhere along the way, she got her first camera, and things took off during her senior year of high school. Now, here she is, doing what she loves and serving others with her talent. Madison’s not just about pretty pictures; she’s all about making memories last and serving people in the best way she knows how.

Simply Southern Photography

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Ally Summerford is a Jesus-loving farm wife and a proud mom to three boys (plus a furry buddy!). She starts her days in her sweet home of Alabama with coffee and ends them by capturing beautiful sunsets. Passionate about photography since forever, she made her dream a reality with Simply Southern Photography in 2017, delighting countless clients with timeless memories. 

simply southern photography by ally | wedding and event photographers |

She’s the go-to cheerleader, making everyone comfy in front of the camera, no matter the life stage. Her studio in downtown Hartselle is perfect for newborns, families, and headshots, but she’s always up for an outdoor shoot in the best spots. Ally aims for lasting connections and loves seeing her clients leave with big smiles and a sense of purpose.

Wedding and Event Photographers

Choosing the right event photographers for your wedding or special event is a decision that will shape the memories you carry with you for a lifetime. The wedding and event photographers listed here in Huntsville, AL, are not only skilled professionals but also passionate individuals who have a deep appreciation for the love and moments they capture.

To help you make an informed decision, we’ve prepared an article featuring 20 essential questions to ask your wedding photographer.

From Joel & Amber Photography, who emphasize the journey from engagement to marriage, to Simply Southern Photography, where Ally Summerford cherishes creating lasting connections, each photographer brings their unique perspective and expertise to ensure your moments are beautifully documented. We hope this list helps you find the perfect photographer to make your wedding or event unforgettable.

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Picture of Taylor and Taylor

Taylor and Taylor

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