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The Magic Of Marquee Lights For An Epic Gender Reveal

The Magic Of Marquee Lights For An Epic Gender Reveal

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Marquee lights are a great way to create an exciting and memorable gender reveal. One of the most exciting moments of pregnancy is finding out the gender of your baby, and a gender reveal party is a wonderful way to involve your loved ones in this special moment.

If you’re planning to share the sex of your child before the baby’s arrival, here’s how to plan a gender reveal party utilizing marquee lights, along with some creative ideas to make your reveal even more memorable and enjoyable. And once the truth is out, you can have lots of fun choosing a name for your little one. Let’s look at how to use them to plan an epic party.

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Gender Reveal Ideas For Theme

Before dispatching invites, decide on a concept. This enables you to integrate it seamlessly into your invitations. This occasion is entirely yours! If simplicity appeals to you, opt for neutral hues and any decorations of your choosing. Alternatively, embrace a pink-and-blue palette and embellish everything accordingly.


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For a more distinctive concept, contemplate these popular options:

  • Ties or Tutus?
  • Team Girl/Team Boy (ideal for sports enthusiasts!)
  • Prince or Princess?
  • Mustache or Lips?
  • Staches or Lashes? (Combining mustaches and eyelashes)
  • Waddle it Be? (Duck-themed decorations, perhaps?)
  • What Will it Bee? (Think bumblebees and honeycomb motifs)


Large Marquee Letters For Rent

  • 7 foot tall marquee lights make a big visual statement. Their bright bulbs grab attention.
  • Nothing says epic like 3.5 times the size when there are so many 4ft marquee letters. Choose our 7-foot-tall marquee lights.
  • Position lights prominently at the reveal site for maximum impact. Can be inside or outside.
  • We travel up and down the East Coast. Feel free to reach out!


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Incorporate Baby Shower Colors

  • Use blue and pink bulbs to match the gender reveal theme.
  • Or go neutral with white bulbs to build mystery before the reveal.
  • Having us switching the colored bulbs at the reveal creates great drama.
  • Renting “Boy + Girl” and having the couple unplug the wrong gender is video worthy.


Use Marquee Lights Creatively

  • Place them as the backdrop for your reveal stage or photo area.
  • Place them in the grass for stunning photo opportunities.
  • Flank a gender reveal cake or box with marquee lights.
  • Line a pathway or entrance with lights to guide guests.
  • Pair “Baby” with blue and pink balloons.


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Additional Buys

  • Gender Reveal Cake
  • Confetti or Powder Cannons
  • Welcome to The Reveal Sign from Etsy
  • Add Blue and pink balloons. For select balloons add text.
  • Games, Prizes, Food, Candy, etc.


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brown framed chalkboard easel with baby coming in July he or she text


Light it up!

In conclusion, incorporating marquee lights into your gender reveal party is a surefire way to create an unforgettable experience for both you and your guests. From towering 7-foot-tall letters that command attention to creative uses of themed colors and dazzling displays, marquee lights add an element of excitement and spectacle to your celebration that will be remembered for years to come.

So if you’re looking to plan an epic gender reveal party that’s sure to leave a lasting impression, consider renting marquee lights to take your event to the next level.

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Picture of Taylor and Taylor

Taylor and Taylor

Everything Weddings and Marquee Letters | Middle Tennessee

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