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7 Incredible Mobile Bars In Nashville That Know How To Party

7 Incredible Mobile Bars In Nashville That Know How To Party

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Top Mobile Bars in Nashville

If there’s one thing Nashville knows how to do right, it’s throwing a great party. And what’s a party without fantastic drinks? That’s where these awesome mobile bars come in. They’re not just your ordinary bartenders; they bring the party to you, wherever you are. Here are some of our favorites in Music City:

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1. Bar Tenn

     Natalie and Evan Webb, a dynamic husband and wife duo, turned their love for parties into Bar Tenn in 2017. Their unique mobile bar, “Wilson,” can roll up to your wedding, corporate event, or tailgate party. You provide the drinks, and they’ll serve them up or ask them for their preferred vendors and they can assist. The bonus is they add a nice discount when ordering through them. When the party’s over, they handle the cleanup and roll out!
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2. The Aero Bar

     Since 2017, The Aero Bar has been shaking up Nashville’s event scene with their elevated cocktail experience. Whether it’s a wedding or a local gathering, owner Brian Fuente and his team have you covered. They offer mobile bartending, coffee, and espresso services, plus bar rentals. With over 85 bartenders and baristas on staff, they can handle events of all sizes. And guess what? They’re opening their very own brick and mortar spot in 2022! Cheers to that!*
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3. Classic Tap Trucks

     Michael and John, two friends with a passion for beer, turned their 1966 GMC truck into a classic tap truck. They’ve been serving Middle Tennessee with the best brews since then. Classic Taps is ready to make your wedding, private party, or special event memorable. When it comes to beer, they’ve got you covered.*
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4. Bar Magnolia

     Bar Magnolia, run by owner Sarah Murphy and her husband John, is all about upgrading Nashville’s event scene. They offer cocktails, mocktails, caffeine, and bar rentals. With a background in fine dining, they pay attention to the details, ensuring your bar is top-notch. From Blackberry Sage Kentucky Mules to Rosehip Blood Orange Bourbon Sours, they’ve got a floral-themed menu that’s a hit.*
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5. The Mobile Bar

     From dirty martinis to picklebacks, The Mobile Bar has it all. They bring a fully stocked bar to your event, complete with classic apertifs, spirits, wine, and more. Their team of cocktail enthusiasts can craft signature cocktails for your guests, making your event unforgettable.*
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6. Kombi Keg Nashville

     Kombi Keg Nashville knows how to get the party started with their beautifully restored VW Kombi, equipped with six different taps and a rooftop TV. Whether it’s a wedding reception, birthday celebration, or corporate function, they’ve got the drinks covered. Just book a place and time, and they’ll handle the rest.*
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7. Bar Car Americana

     Nathan and America Close, the co-conspirators behind Bar Car Americana, offer more than just bartending; they provide the whole bar experience. Their vintage ’67 Airstream, named Traveller, is the first all-inclusive mobile bar and bartending service in Tennessee where alcohol can be provided by the glass. No middlemen, no hidden fees – just good times.*
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So, the next time you’re planning an event in Nashville, consider bringing the bar to you with one of these fantastic mobile bars. Sip, savor, and celebrate in style!

Whether it’s a classic cocktail or a trendy concoction, these mobile bars have got you covered. Nashville’s party scene just got even better! 🍹🎉

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