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Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts With Big Marquee Letters

Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts With Big Marquee Letters

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Big marquee letters have become a popular decorative element at various events, from weddings to corporate functions. These eye-catching letters can add a touch of glamour and personalization to any occasion. However, to ensure that your marquee letter display is a success, it’s essential to follow certain do’s and don’ts. In this blog, we’ll explore the key guidelines for using large marquee letters effectively to create an impressive and memorable event.

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The 5 Do’s:


1. Prioritize Safety:

Safety should always be your top concern when using large marquee letters. Ensure that children and pets are accompanied by an adult and regularly check the anchors to prevent tipping or falling, particularly in outdoor locations where wind could be a potential issue.

2. Consider Placement:

Before having the marquee letters set up, think about the best placement that complements the event’s theme and seating arrangements. Position them in prominent areas where they can be easily noticed and photographed, but ensure they don’t obstruct pathways or views. **Note** We recommend having multiple spots in mind for these big marquee letters to suggest upon drop-off.

3. Use on Flat Surfaces:

Big marquee letters work best on flat, stable surfaces. Avoid placing them on uneven ground or areas prone to shifting, as it could compromise their stability.

4. Double Check Your Invoice:

When renting marquee letters, carefully review the invoice and rental agreement to ensure you fully understand your responsibilities. This step helps avoid any last-minute surprises or discrepancies on the day of the event.

5. Check the Event Space:

Before the event, visit the venue to assess the available space for setting up the marquee letters. This inspection will help you determine the ideal positioning for maximum impact and functionality. Marquee letters are 7 feet by 4 feet, requiring 5 linear feet per letter.

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The 5 Don’ts:


1. Don’t Overdo It:

Though large marquee letters are eye-catching, it’s best to avoid longer phrases and opt for short and personalized messages that suit the event. Remember, less can be more when it comes to big marquee letters. Doing this will create an unforgettable and charming atmosphere for all to enjoy.

2. Avoid Last-Minute Setup:

To avoid any issues related to time changes, it’s essential to inform the marquee company promptly. Additionally, aim to set up the marquee letters well ahead of the event to provide ample time for adjustments, ensuring they are positioned flawlessly and securely. This proactive approach ensures a smooth setup and a delightful experience for everyone involved.

3. Don’t sit or lean heavily:

It is advisable to refrain from sitting or placing heavy weight on the marquee letters. This precaution helps maintain their structural integrity and prevents any potential damage. 

4. Don’t Overcrowd with Decor:

While marquee letters are attention-grabbing, refrain from overloading the space with too many decorations. Maintain a balanced and visually appealing atmosphere.

5. Don’t Forget to Consider Weather.

Since weather is unpredictable, conditions like rain, heavy wind, or snow can affect outdoor marquee installations and safety. Therefore, it’s essential to prepare a backup indoor plan to ensure the letters remain functional and safe.

Rent Big Marquee Letters:

Big marquee letters can be a fantastic addition to any event, adding a touch of elegance and personalization. By following the do’s and don’ts outlined in this blog, you can create a captivating display that not only enhances the event’s aesthetics but also ensures the safety and satisfaction of your guests. Remember to prioritize safety, carefully plan the placement, and consider the overall event design for a memorable and successful marquee letter experience. Looking for more about these massive letters of the south?

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Picture of Taylor and Taylor

Taylor and Taylor

Everything Weddings and Marquee Letters | Middle Tennessee

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