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Rental Agreement

My Big Letters: Marquee Signs Rental Agreement

This will cover all the ins and outs of renting our 7-foot marquee signs.

Pricing and product Availability

The marquee signs rental price quoted was primarily based on these three factors (but not limited): 1. The quantity of letters you order.  2. Add ons such as: balloons, color bulbs, electric generator, etc 3. The distance between your event location and our facility.

Once you’ve received our quote, it’s up to you to pay the deposit that ensures product availability on your event date.  

  • You have 3 days before the quote is invalid.
  • Orders with special pricing must be booked by the date specified. All rental prices are non-negotiable.


The client agrees to pay invoice(s) by the due date(s) specified. Unpaid or overdue invoices may result in suspension or termination of the Project. Each party has the authority to enter into this Contract and to perform all of its obligations under this Contract.

Required Deposit/paperwork

Event rental products require a signed copy of our rental agreement and a 50% deposit. Final payment with changes, substitutions, and final counts is due two weeks (14 days) prior to the event.

Set up/ Pick up:

For Our Large Light Up Letters

We’ll deliver and set up the rentals prior to your event’s start time. If there is a specific time required for delivery and setup, this must be agreed upon at least fourteen days in advance.

  • Delivery fees start at $50.00 and vary depending on distance. Delivery fees will be added into the final price during the quoting process, and included in all official quotes.

Delivery includes drop-off on  the day after 9 a.m., unless stated otherwise. Pick up will be the same day before 11 p. m., unless otherwise stated. Times outside of 9am-11pm are subjected to additional charges. If items are not available or accessible upon pick-up, another day’s rental fee will be charged.

  • Delivery fees are assessed based on a two-trip basis (one to deliver and one to pick up)  meaning we have to make the drive four times. If additional trips are required, you will automatically be billed. If your ceremony and reception are in two separate locations, additional delivery fees will apply.
  • If our large light up letters are not accessible upon pickup, an additional $200- $600 rental fee and an additional $100 trip fee will be charged, regardless of fault. If items are not available within three (3) days, replacement fees will be assessed on top of the rental fees; there will be no refunds or exceptions.
  • Note: We do not install or decorate with items that were not provided by us. The set up and breakdown do not include the cleanup of items that are not the property of My Big Letters. Upon pick up or delivery, if My Big Letters perceives that misuse will occur with our marquee signs, we will NOT leave the items and no refunds will be issued.

Late returns

If items are not available for pickup, the customer will be charged for an additional day’s rental. If items are not available within three days and the customer cannot be reached, replacement fees will be assessed and charged to the debit/ credit card on file. Communication is important.

Safety Requirements

1. Don’t sit, step, climb, or lean heavily on the lighted letters.
2. Children and pets supervision required, if applicable.
3. If staying overnight outside, be sure sprinklers are off.

Damaged/missing items

The renter assumes full responsibility for the item upon its possession and agrees to pay the full replacement cost for any lost or damaged items. Items should remain in “Like New” condition. Small smudges and hand prints are acceptable on our marquee signs white boarders. Excessive dirt, mud, markings or others will be assessed and subject to additional fees.

Weather Related Issues

My Big Letters does not issue refunds for any reason, including inclement weather. The client assumes all risks and hardships involved with having an outdoor event. Please discuss “Plan B” with your coordinator. Note: “Plan B” is a requirement for us and will be discussed beforehand. My Big Letters is not responsible for revising your event design a day or two prior to your event, should inclement weather be ensuing. It is our desire that your event go as smoothly as possible. 

If you choose to take a chance on the weather, the client accepts full responsibility for wind and weather damage. If My Big Letters arrive for delivery and the weather is bad or impending, we will call you or the listed contact person to discuss “Plan B.”

  • Note: If you will be unavailable on the day of your event, please provide an alternate contact name and phone number. 

Payment Terms

Debit/Credit Card terms

A valid debit/ credit card must be kept on file. The debit/ credit card will be used for damages, missing items, late fees, replacement fees, cleaning fees, or added services as outlined above. The debit/ credit card will be charged if changes are made the day of the event, such as added services, labor, or additional items that are requested or required. Late payments—any payment not received in our office fourteen (14) days prior to the event date will be considered late. Late Payments will be subjected to an additional fee of $30 each day.

No Refunds or Chargebacks

No Refunds: All sales are final, and the Company does not offer any money-back guarantees. You recognize and agree that you shall not be entitled to a refund.

No Chargebacks: The Client will not, under any circumstances, issue or threaten to issue any chargebacks to the related to the Program. In the event of a chargeback, the Company reserves its right to report it to the credit bureaus as a delinquent account.


My Big Letters will notify you within 5 days of the event if damages are discovered, or items are found to be missing upon sorting and counting. Photos of the damages will be submitted as proof upon request. If damaged items are not paid for within 7 days, the debit/ credit card on file will be billed, unless payment arrangements have been made with the owner.

Orders and changes

All order or service changes must be made in writing via email ( to avoid any confusion. A detailed invoice will be submitted following any changes to your order by email. Additional services added will be charged be billed to your debit/ credit card unless other terms are specified. Emails sent through ( are considered legal and binding. They do not require a signature to be valid. 

If changes are made the day of the event, a responsible party must pay the additional charges with cash or the debit/ credit card on file.

  • Substitutions are allowed with a 14-day notice if available for an additional charge. However, no substitutions are allowed within fourteen (14) days of the event. Items may be allowed based on availability.

Termination of Contract

The Contract ends on [contract end date] unless one of the parties ends the contract before that time. If one of the parties chooses to end the Contract prior to Project completion, the Client is responsible for paying for all work and costs incurreed up until that date. Please be aware that once the deposit is made and your event date is scheduled, all other clients have been refused your specific rentals and services for your event date, and thus all payments are non-refundable.

Photography release

This agreement, gives My Big Letters permission to use the photos that we take at your event on our website and in advertisements, materials, etc., with the understanding that you will not profit from them in any way.

Non-payment/breach of contract

No services contained in this contract will be rendered, delivered, or made available if the balance is not paid in full prior to your event. The last day to remove items from your order is two weeks prior to your event.

The following circumstances are considered a breach of contract:

  • If payments are not received by the due date and the card on file becomes invalid, expires, or we are unable to authorize it, your non-payment will be considered a breach of contract, and all previous payments are forfeited.
  • If payment is not received in a timely manner, My Big Letters will consider your rented items and services available for another client’s use. My Big Letters is not contractually obligated to accept payments beyond the due date or refund previous payments. We will schedule another client’s event on your event date if we have been unsuccessful in contacting you or obtaining a response from you regarding payment. We will attempt to contact you using all available phone numbers and email addresses. 
  • You will NOT receive a notice in the mail. We understand that some things happen that are out of your control, and we will work with you if you experience difficulty. It is possible to modify your contract, but it must be approved by My Big Letters. Communication with us is key!

Misuse of lighted Letters

Upon delivery, if My Big Letters perceives that misuse will occur with our lighted letters, we will NOT leave the items and no refunds will be issued. We prioritize a respectful environment at our company, which extends to our marquee signs.

Order Terms and conditions:

Orders placed are subject to a 50% cancellation fee, even if the credit card payment has not been processed. The customer agrees to the Rental Terms and Conditions. Final selections, counts, and cancellations must be received no later than two weeks prior to the event. ALL PAYMENTS ARE FINAL AND NON-REFUNDABLE. 

marquee signs

The Huge Light Up Letters Summary:

  • All rentals require a 50% non-refundable deposit that will be charged at booking. 

  • The other 50% will then be applied to your final bill.

  • Once 50% is paid you will be added to the calendar and the letters will be reserved

  • Final payment for the marquee signs must be made two weeks before the listed event date.

  • Our marquee signs cannot be moved after setup. If the lighted letters need to be moved please contact us. (Move requested by client may add extra charge.)

  • Any damages made to the rental property, lost, or stolen inventory must be paid for by the client party.

  • Each event will be supplied with an emergency kit for the letters including extra light bulbs.

  • Our marquee signs require power. There must be an available power source. We supply extension cords.

  • These large light up letters are waterproof and can withstand moderate rain.

  • We cannot control the weather so please have an indoor back up plan. There will be no refund for anything weather related including heavy wind.

  • My Big Letters has the rights to post pictures from the event on social media.

  • Subcontracting our marquee signs (letters/numbers/symbols) to a third party is prohibited.

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